You’ve Received a Breach Notification, Now What?

We have become all too familiar with data breaches as a new one seemingly hits the front page every day.  Just because it is common, does not mean you should be comfortable with data breaches.

If you have been notified that an account has been impacted by a data breach:

  • Monitor your account daily for charges that are not yours and report unusual spending immediately
  • Depending on the severity of the breach, you may decide to have a new card reissued to your account if your bank/card issuer has not done so already
  • Look for signs of identity fraud like mail coming to your house or calls from collections companies on accounts that are not yours
  • Be aware of suspicious emails and clicking on any links embedded in that email

Just because your information has been exposed in a data breach does not mean that you will be a victim of account fraud or identity theft but monitor your accounts closely! To learn more about identity monitoring and how it can protect you from fraud and data breaches, contact us at (800) 789-2720.


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