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Webcams are a New In for Hackers and Robbers

You may have tightened up your personal account information, but what about your webcam, wireless printers, and DVR passwords? A Russian website was recently launched that shows live streaming of 73,000 unsecure webcams categorized by country. The United States had 11,043 webcams visible to the public, showing their intimate, personal, and private life without consent or awareness. There is nothing that can be done legally to stop the Russian group from streaming these videos, so it is up to individuals to take measure into their own hands.

These personal videos were obtainable through unsecure default passwords and usernames of products purchased by the individuals. Any product that is hooked up to wireless connection, needs a password reset to a complex password that hackers cannot break. This is especially important since there are websites that also list out companies and products default usernames and passwords for the public, so all the thieves need is an IP address to access an individual’s personal information.  Make sure you take precautions and security control into your own hands by tightening up your homes webcams, printers, and DVR to protect against fraud, extortion, and personal information that could be used in robbery.



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