On November 24th, 2015 VTech, an electronic toy maker, discovered that their customer account information was breached. A 21 year old hacker from the UK has been arrested for retrieving information from 4.9 million parent accounts and 6.37 million children’s profiles. He began collecting information on November 14th, 2015 though VTech’s Learning Lodge app store customer database and their Kid Connect servers.

Adult accounts contained passwords, security questions, mailing addresses, names, email addresses and birthdays. Children accounts held name, gender, and birthday but unfortunately were also compromised. Children’s photos, chat logs, and audio recordings from VTech’s Kid Connect messaging service was also breached.

To prevent additional information from being compromised VTech shut down sites associated with the breach while they conducted a formal investigation.

Why is this important? Not only are the parents at risk for identity theft, the children effected by this breach are at an even higher risk. Most people do not know their child has been a victim of identity theft until they are older and begin to apply for credit, college, and jobs.

If you believe you or your child were a victim of this breach:

  1. Change your VTech account password and security questions immediately in addition to any other accounts that are associated with the compromised password, email, and security questions.
  2. Monitor your bank accounts even though no credit card information was taken. Pay close attention to any suspicious activity. Hackers retrieved enough information to be able to piece together applications for fraudulent accounts.
  3. Check your mail for any suspicious mail directed at your child (i.e. notice from IRS about taxes, collection notices, bill invoices).
  4. Watch out for phishing scams. Enough personal information was stolen to socially engineer scams that are specifically crafted for you or your child.
  5. If you suspect that you or your child have become a victim of identity theft, inform the credit bureaus, place a fraud alert and file a fraud report.

If you’re enrolled in InfoArmor’s PrivacyArmor®, rest assured that we are proactively monitoring for misuse of your identity and if you’re enrolled in the family protection, your children’s identities are protected as well. In the unfortunate event that fraudulent activity occurs, we will help you through the process of restoring your identity.

Read more about the VTech Breach.


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