With temperatures getting hotter, utility bills are also getting more expensive.  Scammers have created an intricate plan in which they email, call, and even go door-to-door to advertise a fake “bailout program” from President Obama.

This scam claims to provide discounted Utility Bills after victims register for the program with their routing number, a bank account number, Social Security number, and other personal information. Thieves get all the information needed to steal identities while the victim’s utility bills remain unpaid.

MSNBC reported that tens of thousands of victims have been reported already. If you are unsure of any type of solicitation or request for information please contact the specific company directly for further verification.

If you have further questions about this scam or feel you may have been a victim please contact us.

Source: “Obama paying utility bills? Scam victims nationwide think so”  By Bob Sullivan . Retrieved July 10,2012.<>


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