The Unseen HR Risks No One Is Talking About: From Botnet Attacks to Video Games

Discover how employers are in a unique position to help their workforce change risky behaviors and reduce the impact of exposed personal information.


Unseen Risks of HR.png

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Common online behavior that allows hackers to obtain sensitive information
  • How criminals can use stolen information against you and your employees
  • How employees can minimize risk and the steps HR can take to help them

It doesn’t take much for cybercriminals to access your employees’ data, and once they do, they can exploit it in more ways than ever. The worst part is employees often unknowingly compromise their privacy to perform some of the most routine online tasks.

Many times, these actions also put their employers at risk!

Discover how you can help protect them — and your company's bottom line — by watching our on-demand webinar, hosted by 

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