Think Identity Fraud Can’t Happen To You? Think Again.

Think Identity Fraud Can’t Happen To You? Think Again.

Despite the fact that data breaches across the United States happen on what seems to be a daily basis, many Americans still don’t realize how much personal information is available for thieves to use.

With billions of personal records leaked through various breaches across all industries, it is even more important to think about keeping yourself and your family protected. In December 2016, the New York Times posted an article allowing users to see how many times their personal data has been exposed based off just a few publicly known breaches. (Click here to see the article and see how much of your information has been exposed).

The results were astonishing.

By simply having certain online accounts, your information may have been leaked on the dark web multiple times for identity thieves to use.

Exercises such as this demonstrate the eye-opening global epidemic that seems to only be getting worse with time. As we move further into the digital age, it may not be practical to keep your information completely secure from data breaches, however, detecting problems early by taking the below measures can save time and money later.

Enroll in identity protection. As identity fraud continues to evolve, preventing all forms of identity fraud will become increasingly difficult, increasing the importance of detecting issues early. PrivacyArmor® uses state of the art technology to detect fraud sooner, at the point of sale and point of new account creation. This ensures issues are detected and dealt with before major damage can be done.

Only Use Reputable Websites. Another increasingly popular way identity thieves are gaining access to information is through malicious websites. Many times, these sites look legitimate with headlines and “click-bait” to draw browsers in. Be sure to verify all sites you visit and ensure the site is trusted and has a strong reputation before visiting to ensure no malicious activity is occurring.

Change Passwords frequently. With information being leaked in various ways and billions of login credentials exposed on the dark web, changing passwords frequently can thwart identity theft attempts. Changing passwords on a regular basis and using new and unique passwords can limit the amount of damage that is done if a login credential gets leaked on the dark web.

As data breaches continue to occur, detection is the new prevention in fighting against identity fraud. As a PrivacyArmor participant, you can rest assured you are receiving the highest level of protection with a dedicated Privacy Advocate team ready to help, should an issue arise.


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