Identity theft is a constantly evolving industry. Years ago, identity theft damages were limited to credit card fraud for unauthorized purchases.  As banks and financial institutions adapted and put stronger preventative measures in place, thieves began using stolen Social Security number to open new lines of credit.

Today identity fraudsters find value in personal information. Even seemingly harmless information such as your pet’s name or an email can be valuable to a thief because it can be used to find more information through social media sites, online searches, or even more advanced techniques.  Hackers are now using social engineering and phishing schemes to trick the user into divulging information onto a seemingly legitimate site that is actually run by fraudsters. Thieves steal personal information to sell on the black market for pennies or dollars for full information profiles.

Because of this evolution of the crime, it is important to safeguard personal information to prevent exposure. Consumers must also be cautious to make sure that they only provide personal information when completely necessary and only to trusted companies. Learn more about InfoArmor’s solution at  www.infoarmor.com.


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