Teaching Your Kids about Identity Protection

As with many important values you instill in your children, it is important to start them young. Teach your children from a young age about the importance of information protection and vigilance to protect against identity theft.

  • Stranger Danger – tell your children to never disclose personal information such as date of birth, mother’s maiden name, pets’ names, and other common security questions to strangers.
  • Don’t Over Share – When it comes to online behavior like social media, chats, and emailing, be sure to monitor your children so that they are not sharing too much information or communicating with people they do not know.
  • Take a Time Out – Be skeptical when it comes to opening emails and clicking on links from unknown senders. If your child has an email, take time to have them look for suspicious flags that something could be wrong with the email such as misspellings, links whose hover text does not match up with the actual link listed, or promises that seem too good to be true.
  • Lead by Example – Set a good example for your children by being cautious yourself. Don’t forget to check your online accounts for suspicious activity and review your credit reports periodically.

If you think your identity has been compromised, please contact us.


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