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Protect Yourself This Summer With These Travel Tips

Summer time travel is upon us. Traveling can lead to increased exposure of your information. In fact, 30% of travelers have experienced identity theft while traveling or know someone who has1.

1. There has been an increasing number of reports in which free airport Wi-Fi leads to theft, fraud and other malicious activity. These airport incidents happen because thieves set up fake internet signals, tricking vulnerable and tired travelers into using unsecured internet connections. They then have access to steal passwords, credentials, credit card numbers or any other personal data that you entered. While in the airport, avoid connecting to free Wi-Fi spots and turn off the automatic Wi-Fi connection button on your phone.

2. Be wary of updating software on hotel wireless internet connections. Pop-ups warning hotel guests of a needed software update in order to connect to the internet have infected numerous hotel guests with malware. Unknowing guests assume the pop-up is legitimate and end up downloading viruses.

3. Ordering delivery to your hotel room? Be cautious of the take-out flyer you found on your hotel door.  Fraudsters are now posing as restaurants who ask you to prepay for your food order over the phone. Your food never gets delivered and now the fraudster has your credit card info.  Be cautious of this as you never know where that phone number is actually going. Ask the hotel for restaurant recommendations to avoid this trick.

4. Pack light, keep the important stuff at home. Keep your social security card, passport and unnecessary credit cards at home as much as possible. If you normally carry five credit cards limit yourself to one or two. If you don’t need your Passport for the trip, don’t bring it with you. Travel with the least amount of personal information as possible, the less you have to lose the less you have to replace should an issue arise.

5. Posting your travel information on your social profiles can lead to home burglary of your assets and personal information. Make sure your social media profiles are set to the highest privacy settings and that you are connecting with people you truly know. Avoid posting your travel dates or too much information on your whereabouts.

Enjoy your summer travel with these easy tips to help better protect your information.


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