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Stay Safe And Secure While Shopping Online

Online shopping has become a staple in peoples lives, in fact, its estimated that online shopping will account for $370 Billion by next year1. However, online shopping can pose risks to your digital and financial well being, between fake website, viruses and phishing scams, cyber criminals are actively trying to hack your information.

Fortunately, there are a few simple things to remember to help avoid evolving threats and maintain your online safety:

  • Check a websites credibility, its often safer to stick to known sites and ensure they are secured (https).
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi for online shopping, it can be easy for a would be thief to monitor your connection and pull your name, address, passwords, credit card number and more. Always ensure you are connected to a trusted network before making purchases online.
  • Use strong passwords. Passwords are digital currency, yet most of us put little thought into creating them. Using the same password across multiple accounts and profiles is just like having one key for everything in your life and if a thief finds it, they have access to everything.
  • Use one credit card verses a debit card and never send in cash or use money-wiring services for online purchases.

To learn more about protecting yourself while shopping online and for more tips on how to prevent online financial fraud, watch our video here.


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