SQLstream Powers Real-time Fraud Protection for InfoArmor

InfoArmor and SQLstream Team Up to Deliver the Next Generation of Continuous Identity Monitoring Services at Massive Scale


SQLstream, Inc., the Streaming Big Data Company, today announced that InfoArmor, a U.S. leader in identity theft monitoring and internet surveillance, selected SQLstream as the real-time engine for the next generation of its identity monitoring and surveillance platform. SQLstream’s s-Streaming products enable InfoArmor to meet the rapid growth in demand for its real-time identity monitoring services. SQLstream was chosen for its capacity to capture, process and integrate in real-time high volumes of unstructured data coming from a large variety of sources, its massive scalability for high velocity real-time operational intelligence, and its simple, fast deployment.

Identity theft in the U.S. alone claimed 12.6 million victims in 2012, a rise of over 1 million from 2011, resulting in more than $21 billion in damages. InfoArmor’s identity protection services are helping detect and correct identity theft before any damage is done or costs incurred. Real-time identity theft monitoring has complex, rules-based alerting intelligence that must be applied over a large number of different data sources simultaneously.

“We needed a real-time operational intelligence platform that could scale to new levels of data acquisition, conditioning, analytics and alert delivery,” said Christian Lees, CTO of InfoArmor. “We evaluated building our own and explored other vendors, but chose SQLstream because they met our requirements entirely and they provided the only 100% ISO ANSI/SQL standards-based streaming platform. That enabled us massive scalability, a very fast deployment and a highly competitive TCO.”

The system captures and parses multiple data feeds in different XML-based formats. SQLstream parses and conditions the data feeds on the fly, and applies a sophisticated rules catalog across all data, delivering real-time alerts to consumers through SMS when rules and specific combinations of rules are breached.

“We’re delighted to have been chosen by InfoArmor for such a challenging operational Big Data requirement,” said Damian Black, CEO of SQLstream. “Seeing SQLstream making a real difference to people’s lives is a validation of our approach to operational intelligence and predictive analytics.”

Learn more about SQLstream’s security solutions today.

About InfoArmor

InfoArmor is a leader in offering identity theft protection and privacy management solutions to businesses. By focusing on employee benefits, InfoArmor provides a turn-key, value-adding benefit with easy employer administration. Rather than solely focusing on credit fraud, InfoArmor uses industrial strength technologies to enable consumers and businesses alike to monitor and identify fraudulent activity. For more information, visit http://www.infoarmor.com.

About SQLstream

SQLstream (www.sqlstream.com) is the pioneer and innovator of a patented streaming Big Data engine that unlocks the real-time value of high-velocity, high-volume unstructured machine data. SQLstream’s s-Streaming products put Big Data on Tap(TM) — enabling businesses to harness action-oriented and predictive analytics, with on the fly visualization and streaming operational intelligence from their log file, sensor, network and device data. SQLstream’s core V5 streaming technology is a massively scalable, distributed platform for analyzing unstructured Big Data streams using standards-based SQL, with support for streaming SQL query execution over Hadoop/HBase, Oracle, IBM, and other enterprise database, data warehouse and data management systems. SQLstream’s headquarters are in San Francisco, CA.


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SOURCE: SQLstream, Inc.

Published: WSJ 6/5/2013


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