Social Media Users Are Twice As Likely To Be ID Theft Victim

As we become more reliant on technology, such as smartphones, we open ourselves to different forms of identity fraud.  According to a 2012 Javelin Strategy and Research study, social media users are twice as likely to become a victim of identity theft as people that do not utilize social media. Additionally, smartphone users have a 33% higher risk for identity theft than the average consumer.

Despite warnings, consumers share too much information on public profiles. Protect yourself by doing the following:

  • Disable GPS on applications whenever it is not necessary
  • Set privacy settings as high as you can.
  • Don’t share personal information online, especially if you may use it in the future for a security question. This includes birth day/month/year, mother’s maiden name, high school name, phone number, pet’s name, etc.
  • Turn on your phone’s password protection to protect it and its contents if it is lost or stolen.
  • Don’t store passwords on smart phones, and be sure to wipe memory cards before selling old phones or computers.

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