Most of the population takes part in one social media platform or another. Social media can be dangerous because people over share information that can be used to commit identity fraud. There are scams that target popular platforms with malicious links or ploys to share passwords or personal information without your knowledge. Additionally, any time you have an online account with a company you are at risk to have it exposed in a data breach.

Scams involving social media users are becoming more and more personalized and sophisticated, often using your name or appearing to come from a friend, which makes it difficult to identify that fact that it is a scam.  It’s important to understand to how your activity online can affect your identity:

  • If you receive links in messages, even if it is from a friend, don’t click on links within it. It can be malware that can damage your system and expose personal information stored on it.
  • Check all your security settings to make sure your aren’t sharing too much information about yourself online.
  • Report suspicious activities through the official social media website.
  • Don’t accept requests from people you don’t know.

If you have questions about the internet safety or social media please contact us.


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