So What is This “Dark Web” I keep Hearing About?

To help understand the Internet, think of it like an iceberg. At the top is the Surface Web. This includes the Internet you use every day to make online purchases, get the news or update Facebook. Just as the tip of an iceberg sits above the water, the surface web is visible and easily accessible.
Beneath the surface resides the Deep Web, consisting of abandoned websites, government databases and other private sites, both legitimate and illicit, that are not meant for public use. These sites are almost always password-protected and on encrypted networks. Similar to an iceberg, this underwater portion is not visible above the waterline, but it is in fact estimated to be 6-25 times larger.

One part of the Deep Web is the Dark Web. This is the most hidden layer of the Internet, like the bottom of an iceberg. The Dark Web is where cyber criminals like to play. Illegal activity is more commonplace, including buying and selling of personal information and credit cards, distributing illicit pictures and videos, discussing future hacks, etc. It is only accessible with the help of anonymizing software.

There is good news. InfoArmor, through its Enterprise Threat Intelligence Team, already has and continues to build technology allowing us to monitor parts of the Dark and Deep Web for your personal information.

So what should you do?

  • Frequently change passwords and make them complex
  • Check your financial accounts regularly for unauthorized activity
  • Be on the lookout for phishing scams designed to get you to give up your personal information
  • Review your InfoArmor identity alerts as soon as you get them
  • And rest assured, we remain on the lookout for your information


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