Securing Your Credentials With Secure Passwords

Securing Your Credentials With Secure Passwords

As the world moves even further into the digital age, login credentials such as a username and password become a digital identity, one many people fail to properly protect. Many people use the same password for all their accounts or write their login information down in plain sight for the world to see. While it can occasionally be difficult to remember individual passwords for all of your accounts, not taking the proper precautions to protect your login credentials can prove to be an opening for identity fraud.

When creating and storing passwords, there are tips you can follow to help ensure the utmost protection for your accounts.

  • In 2015 the two most popular passwords used in the United States, once again, was “123456” and “password”1. Simple passwords such as these make breaking into your account much more simple and can be a security risk. When creating passwords, it is encouraged use a meaningful phrase or multiple words as well as upper and lower case characters, numbers and special characters. Adding in these extra values make it much more difficult for hackers to break into your account and steal your valuable information.
  • Forgetting your password can be extremely frustrating and cause you to be locked out of your account at inconvenient times. As a way to prevent this, many people simply write their passwords down on a post-it note and leave it next to their computers. While this can prevent lockouts, it also provides a massive security risk as anyone within eye sight could have access to your personal accounts.
  • As technology advances, many browsers across multiple devices now allow credentials to be auto-saved within the browser. While this may allow for faster logins or prevent lockouts, it also allows anyone with access to your device, free access to your personal identifiable information contained inside. It can also take hackers just a few seconds to inspect a website’s code to reveal an auto-saved password.2
  • It is also extremely important to ensure the device you are using is a trusted, secure device. Using a public computer or other electronic device could provide a security risk as malware or other malicious code could be installed to track and record your personal data. It is advised not to login to personal or other secure accounts while in a public setting or on a public device.

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  • Thank you for informative article provided here. Combination key is the best option for creating password which is difficult to crack.

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