Reward Points are Wanted by Thieves

As the new year begins, make sure you stay on top of the newest trends and tactics that identity thieves steal individuals’ funds and personal information. This year’s newest strategy is related to victim’s reward points they receive as they fly and stay in hotels. Reward points are just as valuable as money, thus when an identity thief obtains a victims reward login information they can personally use the points for themselves or sell the information on the dark internet, an e-commerce site for hackers and fraudsters. Thieves can also access missing profile information by looking at social media profiles (birthdate, address, email address, etc.) if an individual has not taken precautions to limit the publicity of the information.

To prevent a thief from stealing your hard earned points and other personal information that could be found on your rewards points profile follow these tips:

  1. Never leave your boarding pass behind, tear it up after your flight, it contains your name, loyalty number, and member status
  2. Monitor your rewards account just like a bank account (once a week)
  3. Don’t duplicate passwords for accounts
  4. Report any suspicious activity or usage that you see on your rewards account



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