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Protecting Your Privacy: Tips to Keep your Identity Safe

There are many ways thieves can steal your information and knowing how to protect yourself is becoming more and more important these days. Follow these simple ways to avoid having information compromised:

  1. Purchase a cross-cut shredder. Thieves will do anything to collect your information, and shredding is a good preventative measure to avoid identity theft. Shred old bills, medical receipts, bank statements, or anything with personal financial information.
  2. Check your credit report. Be aware of your credit score and credit card account activity. Checking your credit score at least once a year and keeping a close eye on your credit cards will decrease the possibility for fraud.
  3. Carry fewer cards to reduce your risk. Make sure to be conscious of what you carry with you on a daily basis. Never have your driver’s license and your social security card with you at the same time.

Keep these tips in mind when researching ways to protect your identity. Concerned about identity fraud? Learn more about InfoArmor’s services at www.myprivacyarmor.com.

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