Protecting Your Privacy: Tactics Straight from the Thieves

A recent report called “The Fraudsters’ Playbook” detailed the most common ways that thieves recommend stealing an identity. Be aware of these common schemes so you do not fall for them:

  1. Fake Wi-Fi networks – thieves create deceptive Wi-Fi networks that closely mirror the real public network name to get you to install malware on your computer, which can track passwords and give them access to email and bank accounts. When using public networks, do not login to sensitive accounts such as banking sites or email accounts.
  2. Door-to-Door Census workers – fake census workers show up at your doorstep asking for name, address, date of birth, email or even more sensitive information and use it to steal your personal information. Be skeptical of anyone asking for your personal information and require proper credentials before giving information to anyone.
  3. Social Media Sites – thieves scrape social media sites in order to find personal information online that can be used to answer security questions for banking sites or other online accounts. Keep security settings as high as you can to limit the amount of information you share online.

If you have questions about identity theft protection or you think your information has been impacted, please contact InfoArmor.

*Source: Jumio, The Fraudsters’ Playbook



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