Protecting Your Privacy: Back to School Tips

As the summer winds down and school approaches it is important to remember how to protect your identity.  You should be aware of the new ways that thieves are attempting to steal your data, as well as ways to keep your family and yourself safe. Use the following strategies to help protect your family and yourself as you prepare for the new school year:

  • Enable privacy settings on social media
  • Limit sharing information on social media (i.e. current locations, addresses, phone numbers, mother’s maiden name, pet names, date of birth)
  • Be cautious when using public wireless network as they are a prime target of hackers and malicious viruses and malware.
  • Never leave your laptop or phone alone in the library or cafeteria; they are full of personal information
  • Do not input private information on public computers (hackers can use keyloggers or spyware to save everything you type)

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