Protect Your Identity from an Online Dating Dilemma

More than ever, people are turning online for dating and socializing.

If you are looking to meet someone in the virtual realm, be sure to take these precautions to prevent yourself from falling for a fraudster:

  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Thieves create fake profiles with similar interests to yours. If it seems eerily similar to your own, be suspicious.
  • Never give out sensitive information like your hometown, year of birth, banking information, work details, or Social Security number. Thieves often target employed, affluent, and trusting individuals to monetarily gain from fraud.
  • Be wary of someone asking for funds — sometimes a fake sweetheart will request for money to travel to visit you or even a sick relative.
  • Be sure to leave something to be desired when it comes to online profiles, less is more and be sure to leave out personally identifiable information.
  • Do the legwork to make sure that the person you are speaking with is indeed who they say they are. Be suspicious, and don’t be blinded by love.

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