Now that you have selected InfoArmor’s PrivacyArmor Plus as your identity protection solution, what happens next?

We understand you know your employees best and want to help in any way we can.

To help you provide employees with the highest value and utmost protection available, we have developed the following communication toolkit to assist in your marketing communication strategy for pre-enrollment and post-enrollment benefit
activation and utilization.

Each partner is able to use a designed three-touch communication strategy to promote the benefit that is able to integrate within their existing communication plan. Materials in this strategy can be co-branded to provide added exposure.

While we have outlined materials what we have identified as our best practice for a three-touch strategy below, we also have the ability to customize any items or create new content to be optimized for your employees. Should any questions
arise, feel free to reach out to you InfoArmor contact.

PrivacyArmor® Plus Overview Webinar

Click the link below for a brief 10 minute overview of PrivacyArmor Plus and the different features participants have access to inside their online portal.

PrivacyArmor Overview from InfoArmor on Vimeo.

First Touch Materials

Materials in this section are designed to be used during the initial phase of communication, leading up to the start of enrollment. This phase focuses on announcing the benefit to potential participants.

Second Touch Materials

Materials in this section are designed to be used during the second phase of communication, as open enrollment begins. This phase focuses on letting particpants know they are now able to sign enroll.

Third Touch Materials

Materials in this section are designed to be used during the final phase of communication, as the enrollment period wraps up and post-enrollment.

Additional Materials

Materials in this section are additional materials partners may use in their communication strategy to help promote the benefit. If you don’t find what you are looking for, InfoArmor also has a number of ther items utilizing different mediums such as postcards, posters or geo-fence targeting, that can be used on a case-by-case basis. Contact your InfoArmor representative for more information.

Post-Enrollment Materials

Materials in this section are sent by InfoArmor and designed for use during the post-enrollment phase of communication. This phase focuses on activating and utilizing the benefit to achieve the most comprehensive protection.