Prevent Email Fraud

Would you know if an email in your inbox is from a legitimate company or if it were a hoax? There are a number of new scams thieves are using to either get your personal information or trick you into downloading malicious software. Use the following tips to prevent email scams or fraud:

  1. Be careful what you select – only follow links from reputable companies that you have previously subscribed to for email notifications. If you do follow a link, hover over the link to read what the text says and where the link will direct you. It should link back to the actual corporate website not an unrecognizable web address.
  2. Know how companies will contact you – Spoof emails can often be unsolicited but still very convincing. For example, certain companies will never contact you via email, so if you receive one it is probably a scam. They can even include company graphics and realistic “from” email addresses.
  3. Pay attention to errors – fraudulent emails often have spelling and/or grammar errors. These can be a tip off that the email was not professionally created by a legitimate company.
  4. If you are suspicious about anything, don’t follow the link – contact the company by phone using a number from your statement or from their official website (not a number listed in the email!).

If you have any questions or think you have been a victim of an email scam, contact us by calling (800) 789-2720.

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