Now that your PrivacyArmor benefit is effective, what happens next?

We want to ensure the highest value for your employees.

To help provide participants with the highest value and utmost protection available, we have developed the following post-enrollment communication toolkit to show the types of communication materials that participants will receive once they have enrolled in PrivacyArmor. Each partner is able to co-brand selected materials in noted areas to help increase utilization rates by employees and increase potential action when needed.


PrivacyArmor® Overview Webinar

Click the link below for a brief 10 minute overview of PrivacyArmor and the different features participants have access to inside their online portal.

PrivacyArmor Overview from InfoArmor on Vimeo.

Welcome Communications

Materials in this section are designed to welcome new participants to the benefit and directs them on next steps to complete activation and get the highest protection level available.

Initial Protection Communications

Materials in this section are examples of an initial protection level email that is sent approximately 72 hours after effective date. This alerts participants that an initial scan of their account has been completed.

Alert Communications

Materials in this section are examples of potential alerts a participant may receive while enrolled in the benefit. Due to the large number of items being monitored, actual messaging may very slightly.