Exciting New Changes Coming To Your PrivacyArmor Portal

Exciting New Changes Coming To Your PrivacyArmor Portal

In an effort to continually better serve our participants, we are giving our participant portal a significant makeover, with you, our participants, in mind. Later this month, as you login to your PrivacyArmor® online account, you will notice some exciting new changes!

Some of the highlights of the improvements include:

  • Easier access to the information you are looking for with a simplified navigation
  • Eliminate distractions by standardizing page layouts, esthetics and iconography
  • Guiding users to value with site walkthroughs and guided assistance

All of these changes will all take effect while leveraging the same powerful backend that provides unparalleled protection to you, the participant.

Rest assured, we will still be providing the same outstanding customer service and remediation and all current features and functionality will remain the same. Through this aesthetic facelift, you will be provided with a better user experience through simplified navigation and easy to interpret data.

While we understand that change can be difficult and sometimes frustrating, we expect you will have a much more pleasant experience when using your online account. Additionally, on your first login after the change becomes effective, you will be provided with a guided tour explaining all changes, to ease the transition.

If you should have any additional questions that arise after experiencing the new online portal, our Privacy Advocates are available to help you through the process by calling 800-789-2720.


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