Keep Safe on the Sidelines this Summer

In many parts of the country, summertime means sports and outdoor activities. Don’t let summer distractions compromise your personal information. Follow these tips to keep your season focused on fun rather than identity theft:

  • Never leave your wallet or important documents unattended like in a car, boat, tent, or sitting by your chair on the sideline
  • Condense your wallet to only the necessities and be sure to track important documents in WalletArmor
  • Leave Social Security numbers off sport registration forms – companies should not use them to identify participants
  • Use credit cards rather than debit cards when placing a hold on rental equipment and other types of purchases as the fraud provisions are greater for credit than actual money taken from a bank account

Last but not least, relax! These tips along with an Identity Theft Protection service such as InfoArmor will help to keep you protected from identity theft. If you have questions or concerns contact us.


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