Introducing PasswordArmor

The latest line of defense against identity thieves from privacy protection company InfoArmor.

LPv=6kuM<NWQ_1: The best passwords look like this, but who can remember them? It’s no wonder why most of us opt for “password,” our pet’s name or another common word. While these passwords may be easy to remember, they can open up our personal information to hackers.

Some other common mistakes: using the same password across many different websites, rarely or never changing passwords, and writing down passwords and letting our browsers save them.

Beginning 2016, InfoArmor will debut a new service to ensure that passwords are encrypted, safe and secure.

PasswordArmor will create strong, unique and secure passwords via an automatic password generator. Automatic passwords are like a block wall. Identity thieves who no longer will be able to access your personal information simply by guessing your password.

PasswordArmor employs the same encryption methods used by governments, the military and intelligence agencies to protect information classified as “top secret.” Specifically, PasswordArmor protects subscriber data with AES-256 encryption, hashing algorithms and hundreds of thousands of rounds of PBKSF2-SHA256 encryption. Data is encrypted on your own device and the encryption key never leaves it, making it hard for anyone to decrypt your data with your master password.

Learn all you can about protecting your identity during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Oct. 1-31, and be sure to attend CyberSmarts, InfoArmor’s free webinar that shines a light on emerging fraud issues. If you are an individual, please attend our CyberSmarts webinar for consumers at 8 a.m. PST. If you are an employer, please attend our CyberSmarts webinar for employers at 11 a.m. PST.



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