Internet Surveillance with Digital Identity

InfoArmor has launched a new product, Internet Surveillance with Digital Identity. This product continuously monitors (24/7/365) the Underground Economy to uncover subscribers’ compromised, sensitive information. Internet Surveillance scours an ever-evolving complex of over 30,000 compromised machines, networks and web services identified by InfoArmor and leading cyber security firms. Whether it is personal identifying information (i.e. name, address or Social Security number), a medical insurance card or an email address, it is designed to find breached data and alerts subscribers in real-time.

Internet Surveillance also includes a Digital Identity report. This interactive, easy-to-read report not only summarizes what a real-time deep Internet search finds out about a subscriber, but also offers them a Privacy Grade with tips to better secure their information. Digital Identity goes far beyond normal typical Internet search and showcases a subscriber’s exposure on the Internet.


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