Allstate Identity Protection is proudly compliant with the new California Consumer Privacy Act. View our privacy policy here.

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New name. Same commitment to you.

For over 80 years, Allstate has put customers and community first — just like InfoArmor. As Allstate Identity Protection, we remain dedicated to great service and continuing to empower more people to live confidently online.

Our guiding principlesWe embrace technology, love collaboration, and never stop evolving.

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Our promise

To enable more people to use technology with confidence and deliver peace of mind when they need it most.

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Our culture

We think big and work collaboratively to deliver the very best outcomes for partners, clients, members, and each other.

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Our commitment

We believe people should have more control over their digital lives. That’s why we’ve doubled down on helping users protect their online privacy.

A shared history of good, a brighter future for all

View our timeline and discover how giving back is part of our collective DNA.
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Allstate begins working with the government to initiate landmark driving safety legislation, including laws requiring seat belts and airbags.

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After Hurricane Andrew, Allstate forms a dedicated catastrophe response team to provide help when it’s needed most.



InfoArmor is founded on a simple mission: to offer identity theft protection services that deliver peace of mind.


The National Safety Council honors Allstate's work helping states implement comprehensive safety programs that reduce teen car crashes.


After discovering hacked personal information on the dark web from the infamous 2013 Yahoo breach, InfoArmor informs the FBI.


InfoArmor joins the Allstate family of companies. Our mission is to help protect more digital lives and continue to deliver impeccable customer service.


Allstate Identity Protection transforms how members see their digital relationships so that they can control their online privacy with the launch of the Allstate Digital Footprint™.


Allstate responds to COVID-19 with the Shelter-In-Place Payback initiative which includes making the Allstate Identity Protection consumer product free for the rest of 2020.*

Let's connectIf you're considering one of our services, want more information, or need assistance with your existing account, please reach out. We’re here to help!

**Allstate Identity Protection Pro and Allstate Identity Protection Pro Plus, currently known as PrivacyArmor and PrivacyArmor Plus, will be available as an employee benefit effective January 1, 2021.

*The enrollment period for the free offer has expired. Offer was valid only for Allstate Identity Protection consumer plans.