In the News: Airport Wi-Fi Might Not Be as Safe as You Think

There has been an increasing number of reports in which free airport Wi-Fi leads to theft, fraud, and other malicious activity. These airport incidents happen because thieves set up fake internet signals, tricking vulnerable and tired travelers into using unsecured internet connections. They then have access to steal passwords, credentials, credit card numbers, or any other personal data that you entered.

Thieves are becoming smarter, and the only way to protect yourself is to be aware of their malicious campaigns. In order to avoid airport schemes consider the following:

  • Check what internet signals you are connecting to
  • Use your own personal internet signal; make sure it is password protected
  • Turn off the automatic connect button on your phone

If you have reason to believe your identity has been compromised,┬áconsider adding InfoArmor’s identity protection at www.myprivacyarmor.com.

Source http://www.salisburypost.com/article/20140610/SP01/140619977/1016


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