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InfoArmor Identity Insights provides customized offerings that allow your company to offer branded identity protection solutions. We leverage our award-winning threat intelligence and investigative services along with our full stack of information security-monitoring products in a software as a service (SaaS) model so that you can provide your customers with best-in-class information security monitoring.

  • Scalable


    Expand your offerings based on customer needs and capacity.

  • Affordable


    Bundle services to fit your budget and price point.

  • Branded


    InfoArmor takes a back seat in support of your brand.

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  • Innovative Products
    • InfoArmor® goes far beyond the standard credit monitoring services to provide best-in-class, comprehensive and forward-thinking information security services. InfoArmor continually improves the efficacy of existing monitoring capabilities and seeks new methods for acquiring data. We actively search for emerging types of fraud so that your customers’ data stays more secure in the face of an ever-changing threat landscape. With Identity Insights, your brand automatically reaps the benefit of being backed by our experienced team of security experts.

      Beyond providing robust credit monitoring, you can create a package that fits your customers’ exact needs by integrating options from our PrivacyArmor® Solutions suite:

      • Monitors and alerts on credit cards, driver’s licenses, gaming credentials, passports, insurance cards and more.
      • Protects online reputation by actively monitoring social media for known issues and triggers, providing email or API notifications.
      • Safeguards financial accounts by monitoring password resets, fund transfers, unauthorized account access and more.
      • Watches for identity exposure and helps minimize damages by notifying customers of suspicious account activity.
      • Provides valuable insight by showing customers what’s associated with their personal information on the un-indexed or unstructured web.
      • Offers financial security with the $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance Policy included in the PrivacyArmor protection suite.
  • Solution Driven
    • Our à la carte service offering allows you to customize the information security services you provide for your customers. Choose from our array of features depending on your price point and needs to offer exactly what your customers want without adding unnecessary costs. Whether you’re wanting to offer a product featuring components centered around digital lifestyle, financial security, privacy management or a traditional identity theft and credit monitoring solution, InfoArmor is here to support you.

  • Partner Focused
    • At InfoArmor, we don’t mind taking a back seat to your brand. Our focus puts your company at the forefront, helping you grow your business and revenue. We dive into your business objectives and center your offering around your corporate goals. Whether you are seeking market differentiation, new clients, customer retention or simply want to give your company a technology boost, InfoArmor is happy to provide the underpinnings you need to meet your goals.

  • Flexible Delivery
    • Whether you’re set up to handle your online customer interface in-house, or you need a hosted solution, InfoArmor’s Identity Insights have you covered. We provide a restful XML-based API and toolkits for Java, PHP or .NET to allow your developers to quickly build scalable integrations. If you’re not set up to handle the load of hosting your solution, you can brand and deploy your offering inside our state-of-the-art, secure data centers and offer a Single Sign On (SSO) authentication system for client portal access.

  • Knowledge is Power
    • Digital Identity goes beyond a simple Google web search to show customers what’s associated with their personal information on the unstructured web. Your customer’s Digital Identity report could contain public pictures, professional licenses, address changes, social media sites and much more. All information retrieved is presented in an easy-to-read graphical report with a privacy grade.