Fraudulent Payday Loan

InfoArmor’s proprietary technology detected suspicious activity on one of our subscribers – we discovered that over a year prior to her enrollment someone had applied for a Payday Loan with her Social Security number.
InfoArmor’s Certified and trained Privacy Advocates reached out to the subscriber to bring the issue to her attention. The payday loan that InfoArmor detected was in a city that she had never lived in before and did not recognize.

After contacting the agency that investigates Payday Loan fraud, InfoArmor worked with the agency to remove the fraudulent account from her credit report, placed a fraud alert to prevent future fraud from occurring, and assisted her to make sure that the fraud did not affect her tax-filing.

Because of InfoArmor’s technology that looks back up to three years for fraud, we were able to restore our subscriber’s good name and protect her from fraud in the future. To learn more about how to provide this valuable service to your customers, employees, or affiliates contact us for more information.


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