Enhanced Monitoring Now Includes High Risk Transactions

InfoArmor has partnered with a leading security firm to provide additional anti-fraud measures to existing customers. Through our partnership, we are able to get real-time alerts when an attempt is made to verify an identity with specialized questions. When an individual applies at a participating retailer or financial institution and their identity is either verified or denied, InfoArmor notifies the subscriber and even stop fraudulent accounts from being opened in real time.

Questions are meant to be things that only the true individual would know and pieces of information that are typically not captured on paper such as “What size shoe do you typicaly wear?” or “What is the make, model, and year of your current car?”

This technology provides InfoArmor with unmatched insight into tens of millions of high risk transactions each year from top financial service providers, wireless and telecom providers, retailers and more.

InfoArmor is always looking for new ways to proactively prevent identity theft and provide additional value to partners and subscribers. To learn more about how to provide this information to your employees or customers, contact me with the information listed below.


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