Comprehensive Identity Protection Services

InfoArmor® Employee Protection Solutions deliver low-cost and proactive identity and credit monitoring as well as corporate security intelligence and training. When organizations provide employees with innovative and relevant benefits they attract and retain talent. Our PrivacyArmor® solutions defend employees, their families and companies from evolving cyber threats that cause data breaches and financial losses.

With the changing digital landscape, having an overall corporate data protection solution has become a critical component to risk mitigation. A company that offers a PrivacyArmor solution sends the message that it cares about its employees, reputation and assets while strengthening the company’s overall security posture.

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PrivacyArmor Features

    • Monitors More Than Credit Monitors More Than Credit
      • PrivacyArmor® helps detect identity theft and minimize damages to personal and corporate assets by actively monitoring and notifying your employees of suspicious activity. Our solutions include proactive alerts that notify on applications for: credit cards, wireless carriers, utility accounts and non-credit accounts. PrivacyArmor monitors high-risk identity activity such as password resets, fund transfers, unauthorized account access, compromised credentials, address changes and public record alerts.

        Additionally, PrivacyArmor provides complete credit monitoring. The CreditArmor® solution goes beyond the capabilities of “free” services, providing your employees with proactive alerts on any changes to credit through the three major credit bureaus. CreditArmor also provides access to monthly credit scores and annual credit reports so your employees can stay on top of their credit and finances.

    • Protects Wallet Contents Protects Wallet Contents
      • With WalletArmorTM, your employees can quickly replace the contents of lost or stolen wallets. Credit card numbers, driver’s licenses, gaming credentials, passports, professional license numbers, DEA numbers and insurance card data are stored in a secure online vault. Wallet contents are proactively monitored for use in the underground Internet and can be accessed on the go in the event of loss or misuse.

    • Preserves Online Reputation Preserves Online Reputation
      • When social media accounts get hacked, the resulting posts, connections and communications can be disparaging and destructive to your employee’s or your company’s reputation. Children and teenagers using social media are at risk for cyberbullying attacks that can damage their self-esteem and social standing. Inappropriate social media content perpetuated by employees can reflect poorly on your company. SocialArmorTM monitors some of the most common social accounts for everyone in the family and provides alerts on vulgarity, explicit content, violence, threats and other potentially damaging content so your employees can proactively manage their online reputations.

    • Strengthens Financial Wellness Strengthens Financial Wellness
      • PrivacyArmor helps your employees achieve financial wellness by monitoring and notifying them of suspicious activities associated with financial accounts. Our Threshold Monitoring solution, gives them the ability to monitor multiple financial transactions and accounts, including checking, debit and savings, all in one place.

        Additionally, with Financial Transaction Monitoring employees are able to take greater control of their finances with alerts that are triggered from additional data sources on credit, debit and checking accounts. These proactive alerts can help eliminate stolen funds and multiple transactions from occurring.

    • Manages Identity Restoration Manages Identity Restoration
      • In the unfortunate event that one of your employees falls victim to identity theft or fraud, a dedicated Privacy Advocate® guides and manages their full recovery process, restoring credit, identity, accounts, finances and their sense of security. Privacy Advocates are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so your employees can receive help right when they need it.

    • Reduces Unwanted Solicitations Reduces Unwanted Solicitations
      • Credit applications through the mail are not only wasteful and annoying but they pose a risk for identity and credit theft. The PrivacyArmor® solicitation opt-out tool allows your employees to reduce and eliminate email and direct marketing campaigns for pre-approved credit offers. It also provides a single portal for managing the Do Not Call Registry, coupon opt-out, mail filtering and more.

    • Empowers Participants to Manage Emerging Threats Empowers Participants to Manage Emerging Threats
      • PrivacyArmor IdentityMDTM provides access to tips, tools and resources that empower your employees to manage their online identity and actively prevent fraud. With articles on timely topics, descriptions of emerging threats, and information on the newest scams, participants can spot threats and avoid the pitfalls that lead to potential future damages. Then, they can take prevention a step further by pulling reports on medical, financial and credit information to determine if it’s fallen into the wrong hands. Our fraud identification and actionable intelligence put your employees in charge of their online footprints so they can secure their identities.

    • Provides Financial Security Provides Financial Security
      • If an employee falls victim to identity theft, the $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance Policy included with the PrivacyArmor® benefit reimburses many of their out-of-pocket costs. Your employees will be financially protected with the money they need to cover lost wages, legal fees, medical records request fees, CPA fees, child care and more without the need to spend countless hours away from work.

Works Within Your Budget

PrivacyArmor meets your corporate budgeting needs by providing modular turnkey benefits and multiple options for payment. Whether you choose a company-paid, employee-paid or hybrid model, you can provide your employees with best-in-class privacy protection without breaking your benefits budget.

PrivacyArmor FAQs

  1. What are the sizes of the companies that offer your programs?
    • InfoArmor® Employee Protection Solutions protect companies of all sizes. We offer plans for large corporations as well as a protection suite for small businesses. We believe all businesses and organizations should have InfoArmor products as an important tool to improve corporate security practices and employee well-being while also mitigating cyber threats.

  2. What industries are represented among the employers that offer your program?
    • Our clients represent all industries, from the health, services and education to leisure, hospitality and manufacturing industries. We protect all types of businesses and industries, no restraints.

  3. What security options can InfoArmor provide for my company?
    • InfoArmor Employee Protection Solutions offers a variety of products for business’s corporate needs. PrivacyArmor SecureTM is available for any business that needs a more robust security layer. This comprehensive product provides identity theft protection and security awareness training for your employees as well network security threat intelligence to mitigate risk.

      In addition, we offer PrivacyArmor®, with the option for single or tri-bureau credit monitoring, in the form of employer paid or voluntary benefits.

  4. How long does the average client onboarding/implementation process take?
    • While there are certainly exceptions to this rule, the average implementation takes 30-45 days. InfoArmor can integrate in less time for breach cases and special situations based on a business’ needs. We have integrated programs in less than a day where an immediate need was evident.

  5. Are the InfoArmor benefits portable for our employees?
    • Yes. InfoArmor benefits are portable at our standard voluntary benefits prices and are administered on a direct bill basis.

  6. Can we offer PrivacyArmor to retirees, a subsidiary or another group that is part of the company?
    • Yes! InfoArmor is happy to support retirees and other groups when a standard benefit is in place for the business.

  7. What is your experience with various platforms? Are your file specifications simple and easy to understand?
    • InfoArmor has partnered with the best enrollment partners in the benefits market, leveraging our vetted and perfected backend integration practices with these existing partners. We are constantly expanding our relationships with these third party enrollers and administrators. Review of the InfoArmor file specifications are an integral and early part of the implementation stages. Copies of our file specifications are also available via your InfoArmor National Account Executive as part of the sales process, should clients be interested in reviewing them prior to implementation.

  8. Do you offer services in the event of a breach?
    • Absolutely. Please ask us about our new breach support programs, designed to be a best in class solution for the employee and cost effective for the employer.

  9. I’m a broker. Do I need a license to consult with my clients about InfoArmor’s benefit plans?
    • No license is required to consult on or sell InfoArmor to employer clients.

  10. How does InfoArmor define family?
    • InfoArmor offers a generous definition of family, referred to individual as “under roof or under wallet”. As long as the dependent lives within an employee’s household, or supports the individual financially, they are eligible to be enrolled.

  11. Do dependents age out at 26?
    • InfoArmor is not regulated by the Insurance Commission; therefore, dependents do not age out. As long as they fit into our family definition of “under roof or under wallet”, an individual may be enrolled as a dependent.

Agents & Brokers

Add Corporate and Identity Protection Benefits to Your Portfolio

Your clients can safeguard their assets and mitigate employee and corporate risk with our solutions. Offer your clients more than just credit monitoring with InfoArmor’s PrivacyArmor®, PrivacyArmor Plus or PrivacyArmor SecureTM. Our identity and credit monitoring solutions, security awareness training and cyber threat intelligence platform provide cutting-edge technology and professional services to detect, intercept and remediate the misuse of personal information that puts identities and enterprises at risk. With either employer-paid or voluntary payroll deduction options our solutions can be customized to fit the needs of your clients.

  • Comprehensive, differentiated turnkey solution offered across all industries and most company sizes
  • Generous, under-roof coverage includes kids, parents, in-laws and other dependents living at home
  • Pre-existing identity theft covered at no additional cost
  • Client calls answered 24/7/365
  • No age cap on minors or age-based forced terminations
  • Discounted rates on employer-paid solutions
  • Full service identity remediation included
  • $1,000,000 reimbursement insurance policy

With an attractive commission opportunity for brokers, no special licensing required, no E&O insurance requirements and a hefty client list that includes many Fortune 500 companies, InfoArmor benefits are a valuable addition to any portfolio.

Contact us to learn more about offering our employee protection benefits.