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Don’t Leave Your Boarding Pass Behind

Holiday travel is upon us. Make sure you are protecting yourself in one simple way. Don’t leave your boarding pass behind. Don’t think people can retrieve information from it? Guess again. You boarding pass contains the following:

  1. Your Name
  2. Frequent Flyer Number and/or Rewards Number
  3. Member Status
  4. Additional Personal Information
  5. Sensitive Barcodes

Criminals who come across boarding passes can try and retrieve your reward points, which are just as valuable as money. Thieves can try and access your online profile with the information on your pass, and fill in any missing profile information by looking at social media profiles (birthdate, address, email address, etc.). When a thief obtains a victim’s reward login information they can personally use the points or sell the information on the Dark Internet.

In addition, there are sites today that criminals, and yourself, can decode data within barcodes. Airline barcodes contain additional personal information and record locators/record keys. This can give criminals access to your current travel itinerary and any future flights that are booked under your flyer number.

To prevent a thief from stealing your hard earned points and personal information follow these tips:

  1. Never leave your boarding pass behind and properly discard it after your flight
  2. Monitor your rewards account just like a bank account
  3. Use unique and strong passwords for all of your accounts
  4. Report suspicious activity or usage that you see on your rewards account

For additional information give us a call at 800-789-2720 or read Krebs on Security’s article.


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