Don’t get Tripped up by ID Theft when Traveling this Summer!

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, make sure you’re aware of opportunities where a thief can steal your personal information. Here are some tips from the Identity Theft Resource Center, a leading non-profit in the identity theft education space, to help you prevent Identity Fraud before you hit the road:

  1. Go through your wallet, purse and/or briefcase and remove your Social Security card, check book, deposit slips, birth certificate, credit card receipts, bills, extra credit cards, library card, or any unnecessary cards and put them in a locked safe at your home.
  2. Leave your debit card at home. Make credit cards, not ATM cards, your card of choice so that if you do become a victim of ID fraud it won’t affect your savings account.
  3. Place mail on “postal hold” with the Post Office if you are away for an extended amount of time. Confirm that mail can only be picked up by you and that identification must be shown at time of pickup.
  4. Stop delivery of newspapers, water coolers and any other items that may pile up outside of your house, signaling an easy target.
  5. Make copies of your itinerary, passport data page, and driver’s license to leave with a trusted designated emergency contact.

Source: Identity Theft Resource Center Fact Sheet #122


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