Data Breaches, Do your Part to Protect Your Information!

Maybe you lucked out and were not impacted lately by a data breach but you are worried about future data leaks. While data breaches are often not preventable by the victim, there are a few steps that you should take to prevent your information from being exposed for easy access:

  • Be vigilant about checking accounts for suspicious activity
  • Use unique passwords for each online account you have
  • Be cautious about providing information to companies you don’t know as thieves may already have some of your personal details so don’t assume the call is genuine just for this reason alone
  • Be careful what details you choose to share online within social media outlets
  • Avoid saving your credit card number as a favorite when purchasing online. The fewer places your credit card number is stored online the better

You can protect yourself by watching accounts closely and using a company like ours to monitor your identity. If you have questions or believe that your identity has been compromised, please contact us at the number listed below.


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