Data Breaches Continue to Increase

Within the first six months of 2012 there have already been 213 data breaches from various sources, ranging from medical centers, universities and online websites. Ninety six (45.1%) of these breaches involved the exposure of Social Security Numbers and forty one (19.2%) involved the exposure of a credit or debit card.

If you have been involved in a data breach you want to make sure you have taken the proper preventative measures. If your Social Security number has been exposed you should place a fraud alert with one of the three major credit agencies, Equifax, TransUnion or Experian. If a debit of credit card has been exposed make sure to have that card cancelled and a new one reissued.

If you have been involved in a data breach or have questions, contact InfoArmor.

Source: “Knowing less and less about less and less”,  ITRC. Retrieved August 2,2012.<>


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