With Data Breaches On The Rise, Education Becomes Invaluable

With Data Breaches On The Rise, Education Becomes Invaluable

It seems like each day a new major company or organization is the victim of a data breach, costing thousands or more in damages.  With many breaches developing as the result of human error in security protocols, it seems as though the question is not “if” a breach will occur, but rather “when”.

In 2017, 29% of enterprises reported a loss of revenue due to data breaches or cybersecurity vulnerabilities. An additional 38% of that group reported losses in revenue of 20% or more as a result1.

Most of the time, employees unknowingly open the door for data breaches through everyday actions such as reusing passwords or visiting vulnerable websites with their work machines. While these seem like simple items, the end result can be devastating to the organization.

Many times after a breach occurrs and the organization has suffered financial loss, companies scramble to put procedures and trainings in place. Nearly 90% of security professionals reported an improvement in threat defense process after a data breach, many times it comes with a large price tag1.

In order to combat these data breaches, companies are recognizing the importance of educating employees about important cyber security practices. Enterprises are using security awareness training and breach bulletins to employees to help bring cybersecurity to the forefront of each individuals’ mind. By being proactive in educating employees, organizations hope to stay in front of threats to keep their sensitive data secure.

As part of InfoArmor’s PrivacyArmor SecureTM solution, employees receive and complete monthly security awareness training to keep cyber security practices top of mind. These training videos last 3-5 minutes and are based on real life, current events to show the importance of keeping information secure. These videos serve to educate the employees to prevent costly data breaches from occurring.

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