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Criminals Are After W-2 Information

Through targeted phishing scams criminals are obtaining W-2 forms by gaining trust from employees within organizations. They’re taking advantage of employees and executives within a company to obtain W-2 forms for their own financial gain.  The imposter asks the lower-level staff member to share W-2 records or payroll information. Believing that they are fulfilling their bosses request, the employee shares the sensitive data with a criminal.

These types of scams have resulted in $2.3 billion in losses over the last three years and 60% of organizations have reported such incidents in the first half of this year.

The data stolen could be used immediately, but at times it is compiled or sold for other uses down the road.

If you have an unusual request from a colleague:

  1. Stop what you are doing
  2. Report the incident to your IT department or company

Read more about these types of scam and tips to prevent becoming a victim from our blog post Imposters Are Targeting Executives

Source: CSO


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