Companies Pay the Price for Medical ID Theft

Medical ID theft is six times more impactful than financial identity theft, and can leave lasting damage if not caught and corrected quickly. InfoArmor provides medical ID theft protection in their line of identity theft protection products. InfoArmor believes that Detection is The New Prevention. ID theft is becoming so common, that rather than trying to prevent the inevitable, it is better to have a system in place to fix the problem when it does happen.

Alan Goforth’s article addresses the Medical ID theft phenomenon and how to best protect yourself. “Stealing enough personal information to purchase services or devices is not difficult for a sophisticated identity thief, said Drew Smith, founder and CEO of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based InfoArmor. His company has provided B-to-B clients with protection against various types of ID theft since 2007. ‘You can go online and readily purchase someone’s basic identity information for about $50,’ he said. ‘You usually don’t need a lot of identification to receive medical care. Most identity thieves are not using it for primary care. It’s going for things such as medical devices, prescription drugs or other areas where there is less likely to be a personal relationship with the provider.’”

Read the full BenefitsPro article here.

Published 5/22/2014


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