Companies Are Tracking Employees to Nab Traitors

Companies are increasingly becoming aware that their employees can become significant threats to their organization. While most threats come out of innocent actions by employees, some acts are deliberate attempts to compromise a company’s security.

In an effort to identify threats and their sources, employers are engaging firms which can provide monitoring services on employee activity that could potentially cause harm and disruption to the company.

This type of monitoring involves looking at employees’ email patterns and work habits, especially given that many crimes are initiated by cyber thieves who have access to employee email or credentials.

The software-based technology involved identified activities (e.g., logs in, program usage, company databases access and external websites browses) that seem out of the normal pattern of work.

While this may seem a little Orwellian, companies are faced with needing to delicately balance data protection with maintaining employee confidence and protecting their assets.

Companies that offer this technology stress that the programs have safeguards built in to protect employee privacy. This is a new era of constant breaches and cybersecurity concerns and companies are turning to innovation to help them find solutions.

Bloomberg Business recently posted an article about the issue:


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