CBS News: Millions of Apple and Droid users may be vulnerable to hackers

It is no secret that Apple and Google are fierce competitors battling in the phone space with their operating systems. While Apple and Android may be competing for market share, a recent announcement indicates that these two companies share a common issue, one that potentially impacts your identity.

Known as “FREAK attack” millions of individuals could be in jeopardy, as the web browsers on their phones have an imbedded weak encryption protocol that could make them vulnerable to hackers.

If you have been using mobile to search for the best restaurant, what time the movie starts or the score of the game, you may be at risk for future identity theft.

According to the report: “About a third of all encrypted websites were vulnerable as of Tuesday, including sites operated by American Express, Groupon, Kohl’s, Marriott and some government agencies.”

Google and Apple are already at work to rectify the situation and upgrade the security encryption to prevent any hacker attempts, which to this point has not yet been an issue.

What can you do to protect information that may be on your phone, and may be compromised by cyber thieves?

Social security numbers, financial information, address and passwords are all critical data. The best solution is to engage with a privacy partner firm in monitoring activity that could impact you. Credit, deep internet, social media, and financial and medical monitoring are all vital elements to layered protection that can safeguard your identity.

As technologies continue to evolve, the threat to individual privacy and identity assumes an ever greater importance. With a trusted privacy protection ally at your side, you will have the knowledge and peace of mind that you are taking a proactive stance towards identity theft.

CBS News recently posted an article about the issue:


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