Closeup image of a car salesman and customer shaking hands as they exchange a new car key

Protect Your Information.

Thinking about buying a new car? Before you drive off in your new car remember that the dealership you work with has access to a considerable amount of your personal information. This sensitive data is used to confirm your identity and finances. In most cases your information is also sent out to third parties for car loan inquires and applications.

Protect your personal information before purchasing a new car by following these simple steps:

  1. Research the dealership and validate their business. You don’t want to do business with dishonest companies.
  2. Confirm that they shred any copies or securely save any scanned copies of your driver’s license or proof of insurance before you take a test drive. Remember to obtain all copies once you have finished test driving.
  3. Ask if your personal financial information is required on the requested forms before providing it. Typically dealerships don’t need your social security number until you arrange the financing deals of your purchase.
  4. Regularly monitor your credit and bank accounts after purchasing your car. Look for any suspicious activity.


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