Be On the Lookout for the Dell Service Scam

Phone phishing scams are here to stay. A new scam has emerged and it is targeting Dell computer owners. Scammers pose as a Dell customer support technician and call Dell computer owners, informing them that their computer is infected with malware. They convince people to provide financial information to resolve a non-existent malware issue. Unfortunately, once this information is released, it likely leads to fraud.

This may seem similar to the well-known Microsoft technical support scam, but it has one new element that tricks people into handing over their financial information. The scammers impersonate Dell employees by reading off the victim’s name and unique “service tag” which is printed on their Dell computer. In addition, they somehow know details about previous legitimate Dell service inquires and issues.

By providing this unique code, name, and past legitimate service issues, victims are more likely to believe the caller and provide additional personal information and payment for false services.

Avoid falling for this phone scam by following these tips:

  • Ask for the caller’s name and a callback number; don’t trust the caller ID number, it may have been spoofed. Just because the caller has your personal information does not mean they are a Dell employee.
  • Do not provide any personal or financial information. Dell technical support will not personally reach out by phone or ask for financial information over the phone.
  • Hang up and call the legitimate Dell customer support or technical support line. Real technical support from Dell will not be pushy or suggest that the lines will be too busy for you to call back.
  • Provide the information you collected to verify if the caller was a Dell employee with a legitimate reason to contact you.
  • Change your password associated with your Dell account and any others that share this email, to one that is strong and unique.

If you believe you have fallen victim to the Dell service phone scam, check your InfoArmor PrivacyArmor® account for any new alerts or call a Privacy Advocate for assistance.

What is Dell doing?

Dell is aware of this situation and is investigating how scammers are retrieving this personal information. Some are speculating that this is an inside job or a third party phishing scam of the email accounts associated with Dell’s online service profiles. Dell has not announced a breach on their side. Dell has requested that anyone who receives a call similar to this fill out their intake form to help their investigators come to conclusion and stop the scam.

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