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In the past two years, 66 percent of organizations averaged five or more breaches

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Advanced threat intelligence

We don’t simply rely on third-party feeds or automated data collection. Our human operatives and researchers provide real-time intelligence and analysis that traditional providers can’t deliver.

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Network intelligence

Protect your perimeter from external threats. VigilanteATI uses multiple assessment techniques to continuously monitor and identify your areas of exposure so you can bolster your defenses.

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Dark web forum access

Hackers collaborate in highly restricted forums, but we’ve spent decades cultivating trusted personas to engage as part of the community. By tracking hacker activities, we have the access and knowledge to alert your company to emerging threats so you can act preemptively.

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Breach intelligence and third-party exposure

If your data has been breached or exposed, swift action is key. Our rapid intelligence not only provides key insights into real-time risks, but helps you take decisive action that may be the difference between protection or exposure.


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