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70% of employers will offer identity protection services as an employee benefit by 2018*

Defending your employees, their families and your business from evolving cyber threats that cause data breaches and financial loss is no easy feat, choosing the right partner is crucial. InfoArmor has focused exclusively on B2B Identity Protection since 2007 and is leading the pack with a laser focus on ease of implementation, strategic communications support and first-to-market innovative features.

“InfoArmor is a great employee benefit that gives me the satisfaction of protecting my employees from identity theft while giving them both peace of mind and the knowledge that their employer values them enough to provide this great service to them.”

– InfoArmor Client

  • 99% client retention rate

  • Top benefits brokers protect their employee’s with PrivacyArmor® and offer it to their clients

  • Singular focus on B2B Identity Protection since 2007

The Landscape of Identity Theft

With the changing digital landscape, having an overall corporate data protection solution has become a critical component to risk mitigation. A company that offers a PrivacyArmor solution sends the message that it cares about its employees, reputation and assets while strengthening the company’s overall security posture.


Find out why top benefits brokers and platforms are choosing InfoArmor as their Identity Protection provider of choice

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