A Personal Account Puts the Realities of ID Fraud into Perspective

Wonder How Identity Theft Could Happen to You?

Watch our video to see how an average day can turn into a nightmare!

A Real Account of Identity Theft

Although the number of identity fraud victims continues to grow – last year, 12.7 million Americans had their identities stolen, according to Javelin Strategy & Research – some still wonder if it could happen to them.

Kim Lee could hardly believe that she was a victim. She did everything possible to eliminate the problems associated with a fraudulent bank account that had been set up by a stranger using her personal information, but the letters and phone calls from collection agencies kept coming.

All told, the process of restoring Lee’s identity and eliminating her false debt took four months, including time off of work.

At InfoArmor, we helped Lee take charge of the situation by following a few simple steps, including:

  • Filing a police report.
  • Reporting suspicious activity to creditors.
  • Filing paperwork for fraudulent accounts.
  • Completing an affidavit required by the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Gaining a Letter of Clearance for presentation to appropriate agencies/creditors to eliminate the harassing phone calls and restore his credit

Taking these actions not only successfully resolved Lee’s problem from start to finish, but she was reimbursed for all expenses related to the case, including the lost wages during her time off work and even certified mail and overnight delivery charges.

If you think ID fraud couldn’t happen to you, think again. Learn all you can about protecting your identity during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Oct. 1-31, and be sure to attend CyberSmarts, InfoArmor’s free webinar about emerging fraud issues. If you are an individual, please attend our CyberSmarts webinar for consumers at 8 a.m. PST. If you are an employer, please attend our CyberSmarts webinar for employers at 11 a.m. PST.




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