My Privacy Armor

IdentityMD Offers Cost Effective Identity Restoration

IdentityMD is an online, self-help tool that provides tips, tools, and resources to empower individuals to prevent identity theft and manage the identity recovery process if fraud occurs. IdentityMD provides interactive assistance to help victims limit damage and repair their credit. It also educates users on identity theft issues and prevention, mitigates the consequences of a lost or stolen wallet, facilitates the use of free credit reports, and helps users reduce junk mail and end telemarketing calls.

Position stakeholders to be proactive in preventing identity theft, protecting privacy

IdentityMD helps individuals remain in control of private information and thwart identity-related crimes before they happen. Users learn how to stop pre-approved credit card offers and reduce junk mail and telemarketing calls, and they receive monthly tips on how to protect financial resources and credit. They also receive relevant alerts, reminders, and information on security risks as well as detailed instructions on how to access and review free credit reports, public records, medical records, and others for fraud.

Lessen the impact of a lost wallet

WalletArmor is an interactive tool that enables users to record what’s in their wallets so they can take swift and appropriate actions if it’s lost or stolen. It allows users to access a secure online repository and store critical information. In the event a wallet disappears, it simplifies the process of identifying missing documents, contacting authorities, generating needed documents, and working on replacing credit and debit cards, drivers licenses, student or employment IDs, government and insurance cards, and other essential documentation.

DIY identity restoration puts employees, customers, or members in control

IdentityMD has a proprietary, logic-driven engine that enables individuals to restore their identity. Users begin the process by responding to an interactive list of questions online. Based on the answers, IdentityMD generates personalized, step-by-step instructions, custom documents, and populated forms to submit to the proper authorities to mitigate losses and expedite the identity restoration process. It also helps users manage the identity recovery process with e-mail reminders, ongoing Q & A, and an online journal to track actions and results.